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Frame (walkway)


Access ladder

can be latched at the end of the outer bar


Outer and middle bar

made of anodized aluminum for high freedom of movement when slinging


Angle (bracket)

quick snap-in X-stanchion brackets as support for the web surfaces



optimum all-round protection along the entire running surface

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • can be set up quickly (safely assembled by 2 persons in 15 minutes)
  • lightweight construction made almost entirely of aluminum
  • hardly any loss of load space, thanks to stake-based design
  • exceptional freedom of movement, completely without rope
  • can be extended in 2.5 m steps
  • fits on a Euro pallet when dismantled
  • CE and DIN standardized
  • for all Auwärter car trailers, truck trailers and flatbed platforms

The construction site friendly slinger protection without loss of loading space.

The DIN and CE standardized frame (walkway) is a ropeless work platform for safe loading and unloading of wooden stud walls. Its clear advantage: it can be mounted on all Auwärter stake trailers and flatbed platforms in a very short time, is stable but still light and fits on a Euro pallet when dismantled. Due to its low weight, the middle and outer bars can easily be lifted onto the stanchion angles using the existing lifting rods and then securely fixed. The well thought-out design makes optimum use of existing stake systems and thus minimizes the loss of cargo space. In addition, the slingers benefit from exceptional freedom of movement when securing the wall elements.

Our working platform consists of 3 x 2.5 m long working platforms as standard. A modularly expandable complete set, including all required assembly aids, outer and middle webs, railings, mounting brackets (consoles), storage and securing tools.


Technical data

The particularly low dead weight of only 120 kg makes handling easier on the increasingly limited construction site terrain.

140 kg

Load capacity of side rail

120 mm


120 kg

Gross weight

450 mm


3 x 2500 mm


50 mm webbing

  • with approx. 15 grommets per running meter, 10 meters
  • Securing of the wall elements against falling while loading and unloading the trailer. Attachment of the webbing to the lashing point on the X stanchion using carabiners and to the wall elements using flat head screws


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