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TLP190 flatbed swap-body platform

Auwärter Wechselpritsche TLP190

Stable telescopic support legs

for individual, flexible parking heights, pull out to the side, lockable, hot-dip galvanized


X stakes

for optimum load securing of wall elements


2x1 load securing rings

in the outer frame provide maximum load safety even with wide transports.


Platform design

End to end platform/level load surface and therefore easier loading

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • Suitable for the transport of long material
  • Continuous, closed floor giving a high load volume
  • in welded steel profile design, predominantly hot-dip galvanized frame parts
  • Optimum load securing with 2x1 load securing rings and stake pockets for X stakes on the sides and centrally
  • Also optionally available as extending version
  • EPD coating (sand blasted + cathodic immersion priming + coating in RAL colors)

Made for long material transport – the flatbed platform for the TL190FG.

Our TLP190 flatbed swap-body platform was specially designed for the transport of long solid wood walls and long material. A strong swap-body platform in a low construction with a tare weight of just 1,200 kg.

Loading the construction timber elements turns out to be particularly easy thanks to the continuous floor and the low load height of only 810 mm. In addition, the platform offers a whole load of flexible transport volume. 2x1 load securing rings as standard and side and central X stake pockets allow flexible and reliable securing of your load.

Technical data

With an unladen weight of 1,200 kg, the TLP190 swap-body platform lifts considerable payloads of up to 14,000 kg.

approx. 810 mm

Upper level loading height (loaded)

approx. 1,200 kg

Unladen weight - standard

approx. 2,550 mm

Platform width

approx. 6,000 – 8,000 mm

Platform length

approx. 14,000 kg

Payload standard


Lifting truck HF Transmob

H-rack support frame

  • The secure and modular side rail for protecting slingers at a critical height of over 2 m
  • Compatible with virtually all swap-body platforms currently in use
  • kNo loss of load space thanks to folding middle side rail
  • as 7 m version or 9 m version

S stakes

used as a loading aid for securing wall elements when loading and unloading

Low-bed carrier

Side low-bed carrier for transport heights of 3,800 mm.

Telescopic extension

Allows the variable extension of the swap-body frame by up to 3 m.

Cross-member lashing rail

  • to insert the S stakes as a flexible loading aid
  • variable lashing possibilities across the width


Sliding curtain cover

  • Side sliding curtains with removable stanchions
  • Easy, fast installation and removal

X stake (transport stanchions)

  • Hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube stanchion, wedge shaped for optimum load securing of wall elements
  • With eccentric closure and lashing bracket at the top height approx. 2,700 mm
  • can be inserted centrally and on the outside, also fit all other Auwärter trailer models

50 mm webbing

  • with approx. 15 grommets per running meter, 10 meters
  • Securing of the wall elements against falling while loading and unloading the trailer. Attachment of the webbing to the lashing point on the X stanchion using carabiners and to the wall elements using flat head screws


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