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H-Bock – 9 m support frame


Folding side rail

in strong lightweight design



swiveling with storage


Longitudinal bars (railing bars)

with lashing possibility


Telescopic stanchion

for the best possible load securing


Universal Floor anchors

offset fixing possible


Restraint system

front and rear

Key facts

Convincing advantages:

  • 100 % securing of the slinger at critical heights thanks to railings along the complete side rail surface
  • No loss of load capacity thanks to folding side rails and storage possibilities between the middle stakes
  • Compatible with all other generally used swap-body platforms
  • Low tare weight
  • Accessories can be stored on the frame or stowed
  • Recommended by the Berufsgenossenschaft (worker’s compensation board)

This support frame fits on every platform, does not reduce space and can be quickly and easily installed – the H-Bock from Auwärter.

The H-Bock is a compatible loading frame with folding middle rail between the stakes. Due to its strong lightweight design, the support frame can be installed on all current flatbed swap-body platforms or flatbed trailers in the shortest time. The slinger works from the side rail freely, securely and without a safety cable. Storing and loading of timber wall elements and timber frames follow correspondingly faster, more precisely and more simply. Thanks to the sophisticated design and folding middle rails, there is no additional loss of load space. Accessory parts such as ladders or side rails can be attached ready for transport on the frame conveniently and saving space.

In our opinion, there is currently no comparable or even close to such a sophisticated safety system on the market.


Technical data

As a practical alternative to current cable safety systems, the H-Bock also proves itself thanks to its compatibility and sophisticated design.

approx. 880 kg


approx. 180 kg

Load capacity of side rail

approx. 2,820 – 3,220 mm


approx. 530 mm


approx. 9,000 mm



Telescopic stanchion

in steel, continuously adjustable


pivoting, galvanized and conveniently stored on the H-Bock frame


with lashing bracket at the top (adjustable from approx. 2,820 mm to 3,220 mm)

Floor anchors

with lifting eye nut for offset attachment and bolting onto the flatbed


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