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5 generations, over 160 years – Auwärter in profile.

From a small wagon building workshop to the market leader of today for timber house transport trailers.

Our origin is in wood, today’s core business is steel construction. Founded as a small wagon building workshop, in the meantime we have developed into one of the leading quality manufacturers for trailer and vehicle construction for wooden house transport. Our strength is the unique combination of individual customer development, technical know-how and uniformly high quality standards.

Thanks to the close cooperation with our worldwide customers in the timber house industry, we are successful in offering tailored logistics solutions for all applications, every fleet and in all continents of the world – 100 % developed and produced in Germany.


In our specialist area, we are pioneers in 3D design and digital prototyping. Our loading and transport systems solve the core challenges of modern wooden building.

Quality leader

Each of our Auwärter trailers is a tested and reliable quality promise: made in Germany.

Steel constructors

Through and through. We develop and produce structurally lightweight construction transport systems with the most modern metalworking technologies and our knowledge from over 2500 steel construction projects.

Complete solution provider

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of compatible and modular extendable transport and storage systems that are completely developed, designed and produced by us.

Numbers and facts

Across over 1,400 m² of production area, at the production location Waldershof, we currently produce over 64 different types of trailers, loading systems and loading aids.

Over 9,000 customers worldwide

Our TeleCargo systems are proving themselves on practically every road in Europe in the meantime.

30 employees

Highly qualified and experienced know-how leaders who produce innovative, practical and customer-specific solutions in teams.

64 products

A wide spectrum of loading systems, car and truck trailers for the prefabricated house industry and modern timber construction.

We give you a consistent quality promise.

Every Tele-Cargo system that leaves our factory stands for a uniformly high, product quality without compromise – assured and tested on the basis of our certified quality management. In close cooperation with technical testing services such as TÜV-Süd and SGS, all the necessary certifications and European approvals are obtained.

In the process, our customers profit from a higher lifetime and reliability, the compatibility and extendability of the individual system components and our industry-wide, unique service commitment. This is exactly our vision of an economic and sustainable complete package.

  • 100 % made in Germany
  • certified QM system
  • regular audits by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA - Federal Office for Motor Vehicles)
  • integrated after-sales organization
  • TÜV-Süd and COC approvals
  • Europe-wide type approval

The hand of a family of entrepreneurs

Auwärter has been a family led company since it was founded – and it is already in its 5th generation. Both then and now it is the healthy mixture of Swabian precision and Bavarian inventiveness that puts its very special stamp on the company.

Raffael Auwärter

The qualified vehicle construction technician has been working in the company since 2002. As a link between customers and product development, he brings his technical expertise to the development of new customer-specific trailer solutions.

“It hasn’t been size, but the continuity and the innovation that has made us what we are today: a specialist demanded worldwide.”

From the invention of air suspension, the Neoplan coach, to market leader for wooden and pre-fabricated house transport trailers

We were also once a startup. Founded in 1854 as a wagon building workshop, generations of our family put in pioneering work in worldwide vehicle construction.

  • 1854 – the foundation

    Friedrich Christian Auwärter founds the Auwärter Wagenbau wagon building workshop in Stuttgart Möhringen, which he runs with his sons Gottlob and Jakob. They successfully lead the business together through the turn of the century to become a regional specialist in wagon building and vehicle technology.

  • 1920 – years of expansion

    Even then it was a great strength of the business to adapt itself to the changing conditions and chances in the market. The steam engine gives way to the electric motor. Products such as the winnowing machine or grain cleaner for farming have been an absolute seal of quality for the family business. After the first World War, the business applies its collected experience to the craft of chassis building.

  • 1935 – the bus revolution

    In 1935, Gottlob Jr. Auwärter founds Gottlob Auwärter GmbH & Co. KG with the name that would become famous worldwide later, NEOPLAN. Until bought by MAN in 2001, the company produced buses with total turnover of around 1 billion Deutschmark. With the idea of a multi-person transport vehicle and the invention of air suspension, Gottlob Jr. and his sons produce pioneering work for the transportation of people and dominate the worldwide market for buses until the beginning of the 21st century. From Peru and the USA to China – even today you can still find buses from Neoplan in every corner of the world.

  • 1936 – the first trailers

    Paul Auwärter lays the foundation for today's company and founds Paul Auwärter KG. Soon a well-known specialist throughout Germany with the clear core competencies of vehicle and trailer construction. Up to 1986 the company management is in the joint hands of the siblings Eberhart, Martin and Rudolf Auwärter.

  • 1949 – development of chassis expertise

    Shortly after the end of the second World War, Ernst Auwärter founds the likewise very successful Ernst Auwärter Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau KG in Stuttgart. The company specializes in the construction of buses and bus chassis.

  • 1986 – the specialization

    Rudolf Auwärter discovers the exciting market niche of timber house element transport. In 1986 he founds Auwärter Anhänger und Aufbauten GmbH in Waldershof in Bavaria. At that location the family business produces even then a wide range of trailers, swap-body platforms and load systems for the numerous customers from the carpentry and timber construction industries.

  • 2002 – the 5th generation

    With Raffael Auwärter, since 2002 the 5th generation has meanwhile taken the responsibility. The qualified vehicle construction technician follows his father Rudolf Auwärter into the company management in 2017 and makes an important contribution to the future direction of the company with his ideas. Together they drive forwards the specialization and internationalization.

  • Today – firmly established

    Due to the growing international demand, the Waldershof production location is extended to over 1,400 m². The new CAD and planning offices are only one of many investments that are planned for completion in the coming years.