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Truck trailers

Tandem trailers

Payload optimized center axle unit as lowloader or highloader for the transport of heavy timber wall elements up to 13 t. The central load distribution provides stable roadholding and simple positioning even in narrow access roads.

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Telescopic semi-trailers can be extended to a swap-body system. Thanks to the low tare weight and the weight transfer to the tractor unit, payloads of up to 30 t can be safely transported.

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Turntable trailers

Extremely maneuverable truck trailers that are easy to position with steering front axle for building sections that are difficult to drive in. The low load center of gravity and the positioning of the axles provide particularly stable roadholding for payloads up to 20 t.

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Truck dolly trailers

Flexible long material trailers for impressive load lengths of up to 15 m. The telescopic dollys are particularly suited to the transport of long bar stock and move payloads of up to 8.6 t.

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