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Car trailers

A flexible, toll free and absolutely economical transport solution.

Auwärter car trailers are a practical, reliable and economical complement to your timber construction fleet – especially when it has to be done fast. Optionally with low-bed or as highloader form, they adapt flexibly to your transport requirements: 2.5 t payload, up to 13 m load length and individual load securing options offer you a lot of planning flexibility. A further advantage of our car tandem trailer is the V drawbar with telescopic extension that is unique in the industry and that thanks to its positive force transmission allows maximum driving stability over the 2 axles and a higher gross weight.

Thanks to the complete EPD coating and robust, torsion resistant, lightweight design, all of our low-bed trailers retain their value well and have a long lifetime. If required, you can extend your Auwärter 2 axle unit with appropriate accessories. Purpose built designs are no problem and welcome.

  • Flexible timber construction transport
  • Also optimal for small carpentry businesses or timber construction businesses
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Available as highloader or lowloader
  • High driving stability and payload thanks to the V drawbar
  • Manual telescopic extension
  • Up to 13 m load length and load heights up to 3.6 m
  • Payload of up to 2.5 t
  • Toll free thanks to the reliable gross weight of the vehicle combination of under 7.5 t