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Truck dolly trailers

The first choice for overlengths – telescopic and maneuverable long material trailer for carpentry businesses and timber house construction businesses.

Our truck dolly trailers and long goods trailers were specially developed for the requirements in long material transport and overlong transport. Thanks to load lengths of up to 15 m, payloads up to 8.6 t and individual securing possibilities, our long goods transporters are suitable for the variety of applications in modern timber construction: from large ceiling elements, nailed trusses to long frame material. The dollys are used in a road train configuration in combination with a turntable on the tractor vehicle in order to achieve particularly high maneuverability. The return transport of the unloaded trailer is particularly efficient and thanks to its flexible telescopic drawbar also correspondingly short and space saving.

  • Goods and finished components up to 15 m long
  • Payloads of up to 8.6 t
  • Individually extending up to 8.5 m
  • Optimally suited to long bar stock
  • Short and efficient for return transport
  • Complete EPD coating

How to have more for longer from your trailer.

The extremely durable components, high quality materials and a robust lightweight design guarantee low depreciation of your truck dolly with weight saving at the same time. A complete EPD coating (cathodic immersion coating) of the chassis significantly extends its life.

If required, you can extend your “Auwärter” on a modular basis with sensible accessories or structures.