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Partner & Friends

Together on the way to perfect 360 degree timber construction logistics.

Efficiency and sustainability are the drivers of our development work and collaborations in the broad field of timber construction and carpentry logistics. How can we speed up processes, how can we make workflows even safer and more efficient? We do not work on these key issues in isolation, but as part of a team with genuine specialists from the fields of CAD/CAM software, intralogistics and joinery and planning systems. Companies that stand for the same customer and quality orientation as we do. Together, we develop holistic and smart solutions that help our customers move forward. And we still have big plans.

A strong team - our partners in the timber construction industry.


SEMA offers 3D CAD/CAM software solutions and additional services in the fields of timber construction and stair design, as well as for the sheet metal work. With its extensive program functions for design, construction, calculation, visualisation and professional data exchange, SEMA ensures an optimal workflow in the planning process.

Salzstr. 25
87499 Wildpoldsried

Phone: +49 8304 939 0
E-Mail: info@sema-soft.de
Website: www.sema-soft.de


HUBTEX is the leading international manufacturer of sideloaders, order picking vehicles, custom-built industrial trucks and special vehicles for the transportation of long, heavy and bulky goods. They are used for efficient material flow and goods handling in the tightest aisles of production and trading companies.

HUBTEX Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 8
36041 Fulda

Phone: +49 661 8382 0
E-Mail: info@hubtex.com
Website: www.hubtext.com


Dietrich's has been the partner for needs-based solutions and technologies in international timber construction for over 40 years. Dietrich's designs processes and supplies digital tools along the entire value chain in timber construction - planning, designing, dimensioning and manufacturing. Timber construction is our program!

Dietrich's Technology GmbH
Hauptstraße 37
85579 Neubiberg/Munich

Phone: +49 89 614421 0
E-Mail: kontakt@dietrichs.com
Website: www.dietrichs.com


Since 1982, the family business A2C has designed and built numerous innovative machines for the timber industry in the French mountains. Processing, handling, logistics, robotics.

1 chemin du Nerbier
Le Dombier
Le Petit Abergement
01260 Haut-Valromey

Phone: +33 4 79 87 65 11
E-Mail: a2c@a2c-fr.com
Website: www.a2c-fr.com

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