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XP-BDF210 – 10 m swap body


X stanchion bags

on the outer frame 5 pieces each, as well as 5 pieces in the middle of three rows


Preparation pluggable H-Bock

off-center stanchion pockets as plug-in option for H-Bock Pro X


Lashing possibilities

along the entire length of the outer frame


Forklift bags

for easy handling, loading and lifting of the flatbed


Heavy duty crane lifting points

sideways 4 pieces each

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • Low height – 140 mm
  • Space-saving – supporting legs fully stowable, flatbeds can be stacked on top of one another
  • Flexible – height adjustable supporting legs for optimal loading
  • Simple and safe – receivers for twist lock, cranes and forklifts
  • Can be upgraded to include the GigaBox, with a fixed tarpaulin system for all-round protection

Perfect for long and heavy timber wall elements – the most successful swap body on the market.

In the up to 10 m version, the XP-BDF is a tried and tested all-round load system which facilitates quick, secure loading and storage ready for transport. Thanks to its low design with a frame height of 140 mm and the stowable supporting legs, wall elements can be picked up at low heights. The undercarriage (XP-BDF10m type) comprises the approx. 10 m long GigaFlat low-loader (140 mm) and can be modularly expanded with our unique tarpaulin structure (GigaBox). The XP-BDF delivers its full potential in combination with our low-bed series trailers: the X-SW340 type offset semitrailer and the X-TL240 type turntable trailer. A lifting system intended specifically for this which makes both loading and unloading, as well as internal flatbed handling and maneuvering, significantly easier is optionally available. The XP-BDF can also be given a practical modular upgrade at any time with a wide range of accessory options such as a baffle wall, tarpaulin system, H stand or exterior frame (fall protection).


Technical data

Compatible with most transport low loaders and Auwärter Tele-Cargo systems, the base version impresses with optimum maneuverability and stackability.

ca. 580 mm - 1.210 mm

Parking height

ca. 140 mm

Frame height

ca. 3.000 kg

Unladen weight - standard

ca. 2.550 mm


ca. 10.000 mm


ca. 23.000 kg

Payload standard

ca. 26.000 kg

Gross weight


H-Bock Pro X

  • pluggable catwalk
  • no loss of loading height and capacity
  • 100 % protection of the sling at critical height, without rope

H-Bock support frame

  • The secure and modular side rail for protecting slingers at a critical height of over 2 m
  • Compatible with virtually all swap-body platforms currently in use
  • No loss of load space thanks to folding middle side rail
  • as 7 m version or 9 m version

External frame

  • Quick and flexible mounting
  • Catwalk can be folded down without tools
  • Ladder in accessories
  • Efficient: no loss of cargo space

Lifting truck HF

50 mm webbing

  • 10 m, with approx. 15 grommets per running meter
  • For securing the wall elements while loading and unloading the trailer. Attachment of the webbing to the lashing point on the X stanchion using carabiners and to the wall elements using flat head screws.

X stake (transport stanchion)

  • Hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube stanchion, wedge shaped for optimum load securing of wall elements
  • With eccentric closure and lashing bracket at the top
  • height approx. 2,700 mm
  • can be inserted centrally and on the outside, also fit all other Auwärter trailer models

Head board

  • Made from hollow-section aluminum
  • Can be inserted into stake pockets
  • Can be used as impact protection


GigaBox – the new dimension in closed transport

The suitable and sustainable fixed tarpaulin structure for your XP-BDF: closable on all sides, for maximum transport volumes under tarpaulin and designed as a single-person system.

learn more about the GigaBox


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