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Turntable trailer

Large timber house elements maneuvered nimbly to their destination.

The positioning scope at the building site is getting smaller and smaller. Agile transport solutions win correspondingly with small turning circles and good positioning characteristics. Our turntable trailers are also predestined for building sections that are difficult to navigate thanks to their steering front axle with roller bearing turntable. The low load center of gravity and the positioning of the axles provide particularly stable roadholding. The axle load is distributed optimally across the surface – an advantage that also allows large dimensioned, heavy loads to be transported securely. Due to the particularly low load height, transport goods can be loaded particularly conveniently and quickly.

  • Particularly maneuverable and easily positioned
  • Easy load handling thanks to low load height
  • Secure, stable driving characteristics
  • Low depreciation thanks to EPD coating
  • Payloads up to approx. 20 t
  • Load lengths up to 13 m

Flexible and economical.

All Auwärter turntable trailers can be extended to swap-body systems with the appropriate platforms. A large range of accessories allows load transports with individual securing possibilities according to need.

With up to 13 m load length and a maximum of 20 t payload, the trailers are suitable for the most varied applications in timber house construction transport. The particularly torsion resistant frame design in steel profile and the complete EPD coating ensure a low depreciation with maximum lifespan.