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X-TL190 turntable trailer

Auwärter Drehschemelanhänger X-TL190

X stakes

wedge shaped for optimum load securing


2x1 load securing rings in outer frame

for side load securing even with wide loads


Telescopic extension

telescopic drawbar extendable up to 3m with automatic guide rollers and pneumatic locking

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • extremely maneuverable with very good following characteristics
  • Load lengths of up to 13 m
  • Low design and thus more load volume
  • Telescopic extension up to 3 m
  • particularly robust thanks to EPD coating (sand blasted + cathodic immersion priming + powder coating)

The light and extremely maneuverable tele-trailer.

The X-TL is convincing exactly where other timber transport trailers find their limits: in restricted residential and building areas. The modern turntable steering with four different steering points for extreme maneuverability and excellent following characteristics – including in a fully laden state with a maximum payload of 20 t.

Developed for the core demands in timber construction, the turntable trailer fits flexibly into your transport requirements and can be appropriately extended in a modular fashion.


Technical data

With 13 m transport length, the X-TL is one of the largest but yet most maneuverable truck trailers in timber construction.

approx. 2,550 mm

Platform width

approx. 7,000 – 10,000 mm

Platform length

Dual 205 / 65 R 17.5


approx. 810 mm (loaded)

Load height

approx. 15,000 kg

Payload standard

19,800 kg

Gross weight


Telescopic extension

  • Chassis frame with 3m extendable drawbar
  • Integrated automatic cable roller
  • Pneumatic locking

Autom. electro-hydraulic steering system

  • Steering axle and hydraulic Steering cylinder
  • Slewing ring with pulsed angle sensor
  • Remote control for manual control

Cross member lashing rail

for inserting the S stakes as an optimum loading aid, giving variable lashing possibilities across the width

Twin axle air suspension unit

for raising and lowering and thus for simple acceptance of the swap-body platform

Container locking

for securing when attaching the swap-body platform

S stakes

used as a loading aid for securing wall elements when loading and unloading

X stake (transport stanchion)

  • Hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube stanchion, wedge shaped for optimum load securing of wall elements
  • With eccentric closure and lashing bracket at the top
  • Height approx. 2,700 mm, insertable centrally and on the outside
  • also fits all other Auwärter trailer models

Drive-on floor

  • Heavy duty load-securing rings for lashing vehicles with rubber tires such as lifting platforms and telescopic forklifts
  • Parking supports at back left and right

Safety package

  • Oversized warning signs front and rear
  • Side LED lighting
  • LED all round lighting that can be plugged in at the rear


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