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TL200FG long material trailer


Patented towing fork

dropped for the lowest load height


Extendable chassis

variable extension by 3 m lengthwise


Dual tires

make a low load height possible


Container locking

for securing when attaching the swap-body platform


ETS steering system

steering with positioning option and maximum steering angle up to 22 degrees


Air suspension

with raising and lowering, 3 axle unit


Convincing advantages.

  • Transport of particularly long material and timber house walls
  • The lowest load height with inserted swap-body platform of 810 mm
  • Precise approach and insertion of the swap-body platform thanks to longitudinal guides
  • Exceptional following characteristics and maneuverability
  • EPD coating (sand blasted + cathodic immersion priming + coating in RAL colors)

Maneuverable and with optimum following – the swap-body system trailer for medium weight long material transports.

The TL-FG Series was specially developed together with our customers for the requirements of long material transport. Its telescopic chassis makes it suitable for flatbed swap-body platforms to be accepted and transported. A turntable platform extends the load surface by an additional 2 m.

Alongside the particularly low load height with an accepted swap-body platform, handling of load and load system turns out to be surprisingly simple. Two longitudinal members allow controlled insertion into the swap-body frame with the chassis. In restricted building areas, the TL-FG is convincing with its enormous maneuverability.


Technical data

With a payload of up to 18.5 t and load lengths of up to 13 m, the TL-FG Series is particularly suitable for transporting heavy long material.

approx. 2,550 mm

Platform width

approx. 7,000 – 10,000 mm

Platform length

Dual 235 / 75 R 17.5


approx. 880 mm (loaded)

Load height

approx. 16,500 kg

Payload standard

20,000 kg

Gross weight

Compatible swap-body frames


Adapts flexibly to your transport needs – the extendable swap-body platform for the TL200FG.


Telescopic extension TL/FG

  • Extending chassis by up to 3 m
  • with automatic guide rollers and pneumatic locking

Safety package

  • Oversized warning signs front and rear
  • Side LED lighting
  • LED all round lighting that can be plugged in at the rear

Autom. electro-hydraulic steering system

  • Steering axle and hydraulic steering cylinder
  • Slewing ring with pulsed angle sensor
  • Remote control for manual control

Cross member lashing rail

  • cross members with lashing bars and stanchion bars 60x60 mm
  • hot-dip galvanized

S stakes

  • QuRo 80x80 secured with pins
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • height optionally approx.: 1,200 mm – 2,000 mm

Transverse member for construction timber

  • sinsertable and lockable
  • suitable for long timber transport
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • X stake pockets and lashing possibility centrally at the sides

Floor in the low bed

  • with aluminum corrugated sheet
  • Stake pockets along the length



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