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HF24 Transmob Hubfahrwerk


Hydraulic lifting system

for raising and lowering until the required acceptance height is reached



extendable by approx. 3,500 mm with automatic guide roller


Towing equipment

with fork-lift attachment and rotator


Quick Coupling

Hydraulic line to forklift truck


cranked gooseneck (optional)

Version for standard semitrailer tractor

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • Practical, maneuverable and economical tool for your warehouse logistics
  • Short notice internal transport of load carriers without trailers
  • Height adjustment smoothly and precisely
  • Telescopic up to 3 m without tools
  • Extremely maneuverable with a 360 degree positioning radius and thus often in use where trailers are too inflexible

The flexible internal positioning aid with hydraulic lifting system as standard.

Thanks to the sophisticated design, the HF24 Transmob can accept the swap-body platforms at various heights according to requirements. A clear advantage, as the loading of the platform can now occur lower and thus also more efficiently. A hydraulic system controls the load height precisely and smoothly. With a 360 degree positioning radius, the maneuverable lifting truck can also approach narrow warehouse areas.


Technical data

From the steel disk wheels with rubber tires to the strong steel profile design – every component is designed for longevity and high payloads.

1,290 mm

Max. parking height

740 mm

Min. parking height

550 mm

Lifting height

24,000 kg

Lifting force standard

9,800 mm

Overall length


Fast coupling

for accepting the positioning aid by the fork-lift


for standard BDF system


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