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Taglieber mit dem T35

First hand experience – Taglieber puts its faith in the T35.

Particularly when it has to happen fast, the T35 is proven in practice. This is also true in the timber logistics for one of the leading timber construction companies: Taglieber.

For many years, Taglieber has relied on trailer products from Auwärter.  Erwin Taglieber, managing partner of Taglieber Holzbau GmbH, explains the advantages of the T35 from the perspective of a building professional.

In the building industry, flexibility, reliability and speed are everything. Especially in timber building, it is often about moving large, bulky wooden components as fast as possible from A to B – an undertaking that is enormously expensive due to the logistics of heavy transport on the one hand, but also difficult to implement due to the need to coordinate in a narrow time window. With the T35, we have decided on a trailer solution that, thanks to the telescopic action, is predestined for the transportation of differing load lengths, and which can be towed by a Sprinter or a car with a large engine. In this way, we can react as quickly as possible to customer needs and requirements situations.

I save on heavy transport and thus save a lot of money.

The T 35 also proves itself in its numerous possibilities for extension as a high-performance and flexible all-rounder. Depending on project, the loading surface can be easily configured as a low bed or, thanks to floor panels, as a flat cargo bed.  In this way, we can adapt our T35 fleet ideally to the demands of our customers. With its numerous configuration possibilities, solid and pre-assembled wall elements on the one hand, but also individual roof components such as rafters or ridges, can be transported. For heavy loads, the T35 convinces with its stable driving characteristics in the low-bed configuration, as the center of gravity of the load is much lower than with comparable transport solutions.

With easy handling, load lengths of up to 12 meters can be transported.

Where load security is concerned, the trailer impresses with its TÜV certified securing devices. Thanks to stanchions and load securing strap systems, wooden components can be optimally and simply secured whatever their dimensions. With our years of proven cooperation with Auwärter, and not least due to the production of the trailers in Germany, we know that all trailers are designed and built with the highest safety standards. As a result, we can fully and completely concentrate on our core daily business of timber construction.konzentrieren.

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