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Die Familie Auwärter um 1920

In over 160 years, five Auwärter generations have performed pioneering work in vehicle construction.

The Auwärter story – from a small wagon builder, via NEOPLAN to the current market leader for wood transport trailers.

Everything begins in 1854 in a small wagon building workshop in the Swabian town of Möhringen. In predominantly manual work, Friedrich Christian Auwärter and his sons Gottlob and Jakob produced steel rimmed wagon wheels in wood. In stormy but also pioneering times, the following generations pursued this passion for wagon, and later vehicle, construction.

Gottlob Auwärter Junior founds the worldwide concern NEOPLAN in 1935. In the course of the industrial revolutions and the chaos of war, the company developed into a leading brand manufacturer for buses. Numerous developments such as air suspension can still be found today in various vehicle types. In 1936, his brother Paul Auwärter achieved a successful entry into trailer production. In contrast to the beginnings, steel has almost completely replaced wood as a material for vehicle construction at this time. New developments produce a unique position along with the introduction of industrial wooden house production. His son Rudolf Auwärter used this chance and drove forward the specialization in his own business in Waldershof in Bavaria.

In 2002, Raffael Auwärter enters his father’s business. With numerous industry and customer specific developments, they form the manufacturing operation into a trailer specialist in demand throughout the world in the field of wooden house construction.

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