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Positive feedback from LIGNA. Auwärter sums up the trade show positively.

Everything revolves around efficiency, flexibility and time savings. Carpenters and prefabricated house manufacturers are looking more than ever for expandable system solutions and loading aids for their timber logistics. This is the clear conclusion drawn by Auwärter, the trailer specialist from northern Bavaria, from five exciting and constructive days at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover.

Auwärters large fully in line with the trend.

This year, the focus of the expert trade fair audience was primarily on our scalable solutions, such as the Gigabox fixed sheet system, which was able to convince all along the line thanks to its high transport volume and simple handling. The sustainability factor as an environmentally friendly alternative to shrink film was also particularly well received by visitors.

There was also strong demand for the new stanchion-based external scaffold, which was developed as a 1-man system. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it is compatible with almost all standard stanchion trailers or flatbeds, making the Ad-on particularly suitable for large fleets.

On the pulse of international timber construction.

Increasing internationalization is also having an impact at LIGNA. On the one hand, we were able to maintain contacts with our European customers, but we also made many new international contacts. Despite crises and a downturn in the construction sector, the timber construction industry is well equipped and still firmly on the upswing.

We are happy to take this good mood with us!