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X-SW300 extendable semitrailer

Auwärter Sattelauflieger X-SW300

Low-bed construction

optimized low-bed width and height


Telescopic extension

up to 3,000 mm, lockable every 500 mm, integrated patented cable reel, pneumatic locking pin securing device


Available options: ETS steering system

Steering based on tractor motion, remote control


Compatible with low-bed or standard swap-body platform

for optimum, flexible load planning


X stake (transport stanchion)

for optimal load securing of wall elements, trusses etc.


2x1 load-securing rings in outer frame

allow individual load securing even for wide transports

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • Maximum load volumes thanks to low loading height and wide low bed
  • Patented low-mounted air suspension unit for maximum width and depth between the wheels
  • Low tare weight from rigid lightweight construction
  • Transport of wall elements and goods also possible without swap-body platform
  • EPD coating (sand blasted, cathodic immersion priming, coating in RAL colors)

Understated but stacked high – the modular expandable X-SW300 semitrailer.

The X-SW series counts as one of the capable and most sold extendable semitrailers for wall element transport. The core of the X-SW strategy is, with an especially low design height, to create maximum loading height and flexibility for your load. Two or three steering axles add the highest level of steering ease and stability.

Wood frame construction companies and builders appreciate the X-SW series, as the base version can be upgraded at any time to a swap system.

Whether with or without swap-body frames, for use as a low loader or as a flexible transport solution with our extendable frame, X-SW semitrailers adapt to your transport needs cost effectively as needed. Thanks to the flexible and modular design, we can meet your individual requirements and make the necessary changes.


Technical data

Our standard X-SW Series impresses with sophisticated technology and quality, made in Germany.

approx. 890 mm

Load height (above the wheels)

30,000 kg

Technically permissible gross weight

2 x 10,000 kg

Axle load

approx. 10,000 kg

Fifth wheel load

Dual 235 / 75 R 17.5


approx. 1,220 mm

Width in low-bed

640 mm

Loading height low-bed (loaded)

approx. 24,000 kg

Payload standard

Compatible swap-body frames


A real powerhouse in timber house construction transport: the low loading platform for the X-SW series.


Flexible load planning – the robust platform swap-body for the X-SW300 semitrailer.

GigaBox fixed tarpaulin system

Sustainable and innovative all-round protection for your load, comprising the 10 m long XP-BDF210 and the corresponding tarpaulin attachment: closable on all sides, for maximum transport volumes under tarpaulin and designed as a single-person system.

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Aluminum drive-on ramp

  • For easy loading of rubber-tired vehicles
  • Heavy loads with minimal weight due to well-engineered design and robust, lightweight aluminum construction

Drive-on floor

  • Drive-on floor and outer frame for rubber tired vehicles (e.g.: lifting platform, telescopic forklift)
  • Loading supports at back left and right
  • 3 heavy duty load-securing rings on each side in the outer frame for chain lashing

Autom. electro-hydraulic steering system

  • Steering axle and hydraulic steering cylinder
  • King pin with pulse-generating angle sensor
  • Remote control for manual operation

Cross member lashing rail

for inserting the S stakes as an optimum loading aid, variable lashing possibilities across the width

Middle floor

to create a level platform, ramp store in middle floor for loading ramps

Safety package

  • Oversized warning signs front and rear
  • Side LED lighting
  • LED all round lighting that can be plugged in at the rear

Sliding table for telescopic extension

approx. 400 mm wide, integrated X stake pockets and 2x1 load securing rings

Telescopic extension

by up to 3,000 mm, optionally lockable every 500 mm, integrated patented cable reel, pneumatic locking pin securing device


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