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X170L-ZW tandem low-loader


Patented low-mount air suspension unit

for maximum width and depth between the wheels


Telescopic extension

Towing equipment can be extended by approx. 3 m by hand, load lengths of up to 13 m


Optimized load securing

using specially designed X stake pockets and 2x1 patent load-securing rings


Securing pins

for length selection


Container locking

for securing when attaching the swap-body platform, sea container size 20 foot

Key facts

Convincing advantages.

  • Extendable to a swap-body system
  • Accepts swap-body platforms type XP (flatbed) and type XPU (low-bed platform)
  • Load heights of up to 3.40 m in the low bed
  • Particularly stable driving characteristics thanks to the low center of gravity of the load
  • With raising and lowering twin axle unit
  • EPD coating (sand blasted + cathodic immersion priming + coating in RAL colors)

More efficiency for your logistics fleet.

With the X110L and its big brother the X170L-ZW, you profit from a powerful, high-volume and flexible tandem trailer. The base version of the tandem low loader can be upgraded at any time to a swap-body system. Compatible with our stackable Auwärter type XP and XPU flatbed and low-bed platforms, they increase the efficiency of your logistics fleet significantly. Depending on the transport requirements, the loaded swap-body platforms can be accepted at particularly low heights.

The patented air suspension unit allows simple raising and lowering in the process. The telescopic drawbar can be extended manually by up to 3 m, thus you can move maximum freight lengths of up to approx. 13 m.


Technical data

Thanks to its stable lightweight design, the X series can carry payloads of up to 14,180 kg with a permitted gross weight of up to 17,480 kg.

approx. 6,200 mm

Load platform width

approx. 2,550 mm

Load platform length

approx. 690 mm

Load height in low-bed

approx. 890 mm

Load height (above the wheels)

approx. 1,240 mm

Width in low-bed

approx. 14,180 kg

Payload standard

17,480 kg

Gross weight

Compatible swap-body frames


The powerful flatbed swap-body platform for the Auwärter X170L-ZW tandem low loader.



More platform surface, simple loading – the strong flatbed platform for the Auwärter tandem low-loader X170L-ZW.


Adapter set with 2 towing rings

  • for different coupling heights
  • can be changed without tools in approx. 5 minutes

Safety package

  • Oversized warning signs front and rear
  • Side LED lighting
  • LED all round lighting that can be plugged in at the rear

X stake (transport stanchion)

  • Hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube stanchion, wedge shaped for optimal load securing of wall elements, with eccentric closure and lashing bracket at the top. Height approx. 2,700 mm, can be inserted centrally and on the outside, also fit all other Auwärter trailer models.

Drive-on floor

  • Parking supports at back left and right
  • Heavy duty load-securing rings in the outer frame for chain lashing

Middle floor

  • to create a flat platform
  • Ramp storage in the middle floor for loading ramps


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